We are pleased to offer our patients CEREC restoration services, which is a superior method of creating precisely-designed, color-matched, and highly durable ceramic restorations right in our offices!

Compared to fillings which just cover a small portion of a tooth, a crown (or cap) encases the entire visible portion of a tooth. In effect, the crown acts as the tooth's new outer surface. A dental crown is used when a tooth is broken or decayed to such an extent that fillings aren't able to report the problem. The crown is able to provide a protective shell around the damaged/decayed tooth to strengthen it, as well as to improve the appearance of the tooth. A crown can also help restore a tooth to its original shape, and are commonly used for teeth that have been broken. While crowns come in different materials, the most common crowns typically have some mixture of porcelain in them to give them the look and feel of a natural tooth.

How CEREC is Done
After examining the tooth and determining the course of treatment, we will prepare your tooth for restoration. Your tooth will be coated with a safe, tasteless powder. CEREC then uses a state-of-the-art digital 3D camera to create an optical impression. This digital image replaces the physical impression required in a traditional procedure.

Computer Aided DesignState-of-the-art software allows us to design every precise detail of your restoration with the accuracy you've come to expect from us. This software allows us to customize the shape of the restoration to exactly fit your specific clinical needs.

While you wait, exact design specifications are sent to our on-site milling machine to create restoration. About 10 mintues later, your all-ceramic, color-matched restoration is ready for placement. Your new restoration is then fitted, polished and bonded for permanence. Your tooth is restored back to its normal form, function, and beauty.



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